Business Experience

Boston Strategic Partners, Inc.

January 2015 - Present

My engagements with BSP have focused mainly on the firm’s Business and Clinical Strategy, Health Economics and Medical Communications practices. Examples of my recent work include:

Business and Clinical Strategy

 - Assessed and sized an innovative surgical market space of interest to a multi-national pharmaceutical company and developed strategies for both organic and inorganic growth opportunities through the identification of potential external acquisition targets.

- Conducted a competitive landscape assessment of the medication management system market space through secondary and primary research, and provided recommendations for developing and promoting the next generation of safety software for smart pumps.

- Explored and summarized the disease state and situations of oxalate stones to inform the business and clinical development of a novel non-systemic oral protein therapeutic in the renal space.

 - Explored the competition outline of infection preventing implants for a global orthopedic and medical devices client.

Health Economics and Outcomes Research

- Provided an overview for the presence and reimbursement methods of diabetes diagnostic tests in UK for a global pharmaceutical client, in order to develop a model for quantifying the value of an HbA1c assay in diagnosis of diabetes.

- Utilized Electronic Health Record (EHR) data to provide an overview of microbial identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing in USA over the past 15 years for a medical diagnostics client.

Medical Communications

- Generated a comprehensive medical science liaison presentation to support the launch of a novel injectable NSAID for a global pharmaceutical client.

- Conducted sales messaging testing through stakeholders’ primary research for a client interested in promoting a new molecular diagnostic test platform.

- Designed a poster for a diagnostic platform that outlined the costs and challenges associated with the diagnosis and treatment of infections for presentation at an international conference.

Brain-e-Games Ltd

January 2015 to February 2016

Served as an Advisory Board Member / Scientific Advisor, conducting analyses on patient recruitment methodologies followed by clinical research organizations, pharma and biotech companies for Alzheimer’s clinical trials

Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable

May-July 2014

As an Analyst, designed and launched a global competition for future innovative healthcare ideas for a pharma company.